Bristol 18 Deisel and Electric

"Elegant and fun"

The Bristol 18 is the bigger version of the 16, with the same styling and profile as the 16. We have added a optional windscreen that really fits the size and will make a huge difference in comfort when used in windy conditions and more open waters, where the design will be right at home. While the 16 carried a modest 11 hp diesel engine which already gave her a surprising turn of speed, the 18 could easily sport a more powerful engine for semi displacement performance.

We received a request for an electric powered version, now called the Bristol 18 ECO. The ECO displays the same styling and profile, but the electric propulsion made it necessary to re-configure the underwater shape. A hull shape that required as little as possible power to propel her along, with little wake, resulted in the spray rail being omitted and an easily pushed round hulled section introduced, with the transom just shy of the waterline. The new owners felt that use on the river Thames made a windscreen not necessary, so this example will go without. The increased seating area forward without the engine box makes a pop-up sunbed possible!

As is the case with the 16, designer Andrew Wolstenholme wove his magic over this deceptively simple looking design, the shape of which can only be fully appreciated in the flesh. Over all it’s a delicately shaped launch with the curved transom, inboard rudder with tiller steering, and the subtly stepped sheer, a design feature in common with most of our boats. Combined with the flare in the bow and the tumblehome in the stern does this design not only pose a very ‘yachty’ interpretation of the humble small motor launch, it’s a very capable launch as well: The sharp stem slices through the water while the spray rail (in the diesel version), the rising flair in the bow and the rubrail shoulder the bigger waves aside and keep the cockpit dry, should you take her out on more exposed waters.

Every boat is built to order in modern wood/epoxy construction with long lasting finishes, coppercoat antifouling, etc. Your personal taste can be reflected in every aspect of this little jewel: The level of finish, the cockpit lay-out, hull colour, materials, furnishings, etc.

The boat can be finished in teak, mahogany, oak, elm or any other suitable timber that takes your fancy. The engine sizes can range from a single to a three cylinder diesel engine, or you choose the ever more popular electric drive.

Price on application.

(without Screen)

(with Screen)


Length: 18' 5.40 m
Beam: 6' 2" 1.87 m
Draft: 1' 9" 0.458 m
Weight: From: circa 800 kg

© Andrew Wolstenholme