Bristol 27

"27ft cruising launch"

This fantastic looking boat has been styled on the examples of the glory days of this type, the 1920's and 30's. Andrew Wolstenholme did a magnificent job in creating this sensuous shape of flowing curves. Her ride is extremely smooth thanks to the sharp entry, whereas the flat run with a slight hollow aft prevents her from digging in her stern.

The first boat is fitted with an economical 52 hp turbo diesel for a respectable 12 knots maximum speed for use both on the Thames and occasional coastal holidays. If the intention is to use this launch mainly on inland waterways, then a smaller 38 hp engine and smaller propeller with a resulting lesser draft is perfectly adequate. A bigger engine and higher speed is possible, but for a 20 knots performance the hull shape needs adapting in the style of the Bristol 32 with a spray rail and adapted underwater shape.

The accommodation of this boat has the following layout: In the bows is a separate roomy heads with sink. Through the escape hatch the anchor can be handled in case of rough weather. The cabin has got a port and starboard bunk, to be converted to a double bed. Aft of these is a compact galley on one side, a hanging locker on the other.

The cockpit of this first Bristol 27 is designed for cruising with only a small party in mind, keeping it as spacious as possible under normal circumstances. For dining with extra guests, when the table on the engine cover is completely extended, extra seats can be added, taking the capacity up to 8 or even 10 people.

As usual with our boats, every one of them is built to order, and as such every boat is fitted out to the specific requirements of the future owner. This concerns layout of cabin and cockpit, engine size, choice of materials, etc. And if this does not fit into the boat here, we have another one designed around it!

On our Star Yachts Facebook page is a full set of photographs, with a better view of her interior.

For those of you who doubt her sea potential: we can testify personally to impeccable performances in a very blustery Solent, and glowing reports of the owner, again not always in the easiest of circumstances, from the Cornish and Devon coast.

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